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Jun 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
in our society, economy, the central essence that we face today as a challenge is how do we keep america that special place unlike any other in human history. the reason is because, though our rights come from god, as our founding documents state, those rights have not always been respected and human nature has shown a willingness to violate them or deny them. we fight against those headwinds in america every day and this is in contrast to what most of human history look like. tomorrow -- to most of us who are influenced heavily by it, it is especially challenging, a time where we are told we should silence our phase were separated from how we express ourselves in the political process. this coalition of faith and freedom gets it right in the sense that faith and freedom are intertwined. for americans, it is. what i hope to do in the next few minutes is not to -- just to advocate you stay involved but encourage you to do more. i think we are called to do more in that regard. knowing the diversity of faith in this room today, i will rely on my personal fate, the christian faith, for guida
Jun 15, 2013 10:00am EDT
threats posed our economy, our national security, and infrastructure on which our country relies. as why the fbi, along with our key partners at the table here, are strengthening our cyber capabilities in the same way we enhanced our intelligence and national security capabilities in the wake of 911 -- 9-11. i echo both of these gentlemen's comments this is a whole government approach when it comes to addressing this issue. in the last year, within the fbi, we had undergone a paradigm shift in how we conduct the cyber operations. while we previously watch and collect information and added to our understanding of the adversaries intentions, we do not we take action by seeking to disrupt them as in my in a counterterrorism base. we are now working with our partners successfully disrupting an impact in the individuals behind the would've made it their mission to attack, steel, spy, and commit terrorist acts against our nation and citizens. instead of watching foreign countries steal our intellectual property, we are going out to companies and tried to prevent it. for example, working with d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2